Signage and Illuminated Work

“Increase My Territory” 2009, comes from two ideas. It’s the title to a gospel tune that I love that seems to remind us all of the abundance in the world. As well, some of the imagery was inspired by the Power of Water: the imagery of Water Crystals. Antique glass on glass. Tinted grout. Prototype for line of Illuminated furniture; Carpenter Travis Ingram designed and fabricated table. Shaid later cut it down to coffee table height. Still tinkering with design.

“SESAC” antique glass on plexiglass in light box. 2000 commissioned to commemorate their new Los Angeles based office.

“Dahlia Llama” 2002 – antique glass on glass. Sold at silent auction for GAS (Glass Art Society)

“The World…" Found window pane, glass, ceramic tile, plates. 2nd collaboration with Dawn Mendelson 2003. We are ready to let this one find another home. For sale.

"Fish Grill” signage commission for designer Mark Lumer. 2005, 2006

“FLMP Logo” – Forest Lawn Memorial Park logo from 1930's(?). Glendale and Burbank FLMP’s have educational seminars for the public. They also have enormous and amazing mosaics based on highlights from American History that were made in Italy, with smalti, and shipped here.

Illuminated, Mosaic, Furniture