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MARCH 2015


His Exhibit is up until April 26 2015. If you have any opportunity to see it, please go. If you have friends or family that can go, please encourage them.

Not that I’m any expert, but I found this exhibit successful all the way through. From the kind and informed Art Guides in their bright red shirts who made certain we did not miss sections of the work,
to the audio installations, to the legos, to the abundance of information about the people in the portraits, to the actions each of us could take to make a difference…

I’m still inspired, encouraged, and deeply grateful that I got to experience this exhibit.

Hope you get to do the same.


What a difference a year makes:

So many gifts! Where to begin…SHINE A LIGHT ON THE SOUTHBAY now has a fabulous home at the newly constructed HARBOR UCLA EMERGENCY ROOM LOBBY. Having collaborative, community driven art in a public place is one of the greatest feelings ever.

Elizabeth Hegenberg and I are celebrating one year of working together. We’ve just begun our first commission; a mosaic barbeque with an ocean theme for a home in Santa Monica.

Grateful to be back in the PIECE BY PIECE world.

Friends and family are healthy and happy.

Cheers to you and yours!


Potholes, quicksand, rope walls, black holes, red tape, large noisy powerful sucking vacuums, musak of your favorite song while stuck in an elevator, an itch on your back in the one place you can’t reach, knees give way, feeling love and longing for someone and having no way of reaching them, you settle into Summer and it’s December.

The past four years are behind us now. We still have our home. We are finding inventive and beautiful ways to capture and harvest water:the Flooding in 2010 is now the launching pad for future projects. You can follow our progress on FB at LOMITA FLOOD RELIEF as we re emerge in 2014.

June 2013

Kevin Bradley, aka Rocket, has brought tons of letterpress equipment and type to Santa Monica, CA. CHURCH OF TYPE is born!

When I lived in Nashville TN in the 1990's, Kevin was working at HATCH SHOW PRINT, one of the oldest print shops in the country. A magical place. Wood floors. Downtown.
Color and type everywhere. Smell of ink.

I was working as music publisher then. So many bands used HATCH to publicize their upcoming concerts.

YEE HAW Industries in Knoxville, was Kevin’s initial company after he left HATCH.
When I co founded the FILM MUSIC WORKSHOP we hired Kevin to do
our stationery, biz cards, and this amazing poster inviting Billy Bob Thornton and Daniel Lanois to come to Nashville and talk about SLING BLADE. Well they never did come, but the poster is amazing. I’ll dig it up and post it when I find it.

We made offensive Christmas Cards one year, thinking we were all that…He let me help make my Wedding Invitations.

Most importantly, when I left the music business to strive to become an artist myself, it was Kevin who was always there to say “It’ll be okay baby.” I called him, and still do, to lift my spirits and keep on keepin' on.

It’s so nice to have one of my first art buddies close by in LA now.

3215 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA

It’s a smile.

May 2012

CBA Conference happens every 2 years; Join us in Portland Oregon May 30-June 3.

My first mosaic workshop was with Sherri Warner Hunter in Tennessee about 14 years ago. It changed my life in more ways than I could have anticipated. In 2000, having moved back to LA from TN, I found myself isolated, lost, starting over again. I knew there had to be other people out there wanting to make art and make a difference.

I started searching the internet for what I was lacking: community, art, fun, projects etc.

I stumbled upon the CBA… was thrilled to find these people who had been doing both art and making a difference for decades. And much to my surprise, Sherri Warner Hunter was President of the organization at the time. Small planet.

Check out the programming for the conference. If you aren’t able to come, consider becoming a member. At the very least, pick a member at random, check out their website and work, and let yourself become inspired.

April 2012 – Stranger in a strange land.
Dual Citizenship in California; southern and northern…that is..

I’m a SF Giants baseball fan who grew up and is once again living in Los Angeles. Always loved the game; my Mom is an avid LA Dodger and Laker fan. Started watching my brother play t-ball, then boy/friends play little league and high school. It wasn’t til college and after in San Francisco that I actually got to play softball with some amazing folks at MEDIA ALLIANCE. Between them and the avid fans of the Giants from Section 30, Row 18 at Candlestick Park, I learned to pitch, hit, be part of a team.

Rooting for the Giants in LA will be different this year. Post Brian Stowe’s horrid incident last year, I intend to go to the Giants home stand in May (on my Bday no less…, wear my black and orange, and have a great time at our beautiful park. Now that Magic et al have purchased the Dodgers, there seems to be more excitement about baseball in LA.

I love that Posey is back. I love the orange and black.I love the rivalry between the cities on the field.

Mosaics take time. Baseball takes time. Love 'em both. Play Ball!

March 2012 – LA Musical Moment on St Patty’s Day

One of my favorite places in all of LA is the original Farmers Market on 3rd and Wilshire.
I was there with family from out of town having breakfast at DuPars where the pancakes are
drenched in butter. There is a sign in the restaurant advertising “Bagpipes” later in the afternoon. We stroll around, show the out of towners The Grove, watch kids with pink rubber boots play in the puddles. On our way out we hear a family with an Australian accent say “oh..bagpipes now..” and follow their lead. At one of the bars in the Farmers Market sure enough a guy in full regalia, kilt and all, is playing. But, in LA, he’s playing “La Cucaracha” on the bagpipes. Gotta love LA.

February 2012 – With Love in mind

Inspiration from Tedeschi and Trucks. “Until You Remember that You’re Mine”. Moving. Undulating. Soul stirring. I can’t stop playing it. I can only hope my work can lift spirits like theirs.

I sing this song to myself. To friends of my past that I miss. To my sometimes wounded family. To seemingly missed opportunities. To blessed animals. To the beauty of the crescent moon.
May music heal you and yours. May art do the same. HVD.