Bob Meistrell from Body Glove '‘Catch’s a Plastic Wave’'

2012 began with a phone call from David Parsons at Summer Studios telling me that my New Year was starting off well. Bob Meistrell from BODY GLOVE had come in with his wife Patty and fallen in love with my “Catch a Plastic Wave” mosaic Surfboard and wanted to buy it.

Generous souls, the Meistrell’s showered me with sea shells from all over the world, stories and showed me their art collection in their home. I’m so happy to meet such an innovative and generous family and be brought, even a bit, into their fold.

“Catch a Plastic Wave” was made in March 2008

Materials: 9' Joe Black Long Board graciously donated by the Turners of Rancho Palos Verdes, recycled plastic bags from Von’s and Ralphs' recycling bins, blue plastic bags from LA Times rain days, colored plastic trash gathered after Easter Sunday at Point Fermin Park in San Pedro, CA, rocks glass, mirror, foil, paint and adhesive.

“Catch a Plastic Wave” was in part inspired by Ira Glass’s THIS AMERICAN LIFE #253 “In the Middle of Nowhere” which tells a story about a 10+mile long length of plastic bags in the middle of the Oceans that no one is responsible for.

Upon further research I found other articles that say this of plastic is difficult to photograph from satellite but can easily be seen from boats. There are many other sources/ photos/videos of plastic destroying our seas and sea life. Plastic is now in the food chain.

There is better news..and will be continuing. In 2002, Ireland imposed a tax on plastic bags
thus decreasing their use by 94% in weeks. By the end of 2008, Australia will follow China’s lead in eliminating plastic bags come June. In March of 2008, San Francisco became the first US city to ban plastic shopping bags. Whole Foods ended it’s use on Earth Day , April 22nd.

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